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Image by Jeremy Thomas

My Story

Hi, I'm Chelsea your neighborhood wellness advocate and enthusiast!  I have an extensive and growing background in nutrition, natural food recipes & cooking, health & wellness coaching, fitness, yoga (Yin, Kundalini, Vinyasa) & yoga philosophy, meditation, mindful movement, reiki, and somatic therapy.

Having the fortune to work within my passions, my aim is to help people help themselves by finding what is best for your bodies personalized needs. You will then be able to take on Life long tools with life long gratification. To date, I have assisted 1000's of people to indulge in their Self, find balance, healing & health through foods, movement, & lifestyle. 


The moments of impact that led me to this world of Wellness as a Lifestyle was being hit by a drunk driver & breaking my back, experiencing digestive disturbances, feeling unhealthy, being overweight and skin related issues. Every doctor I saw wanted to prescribe me a medication with no mention on ways to improve my lifestyle for long-term healthy results & gratification. So that’s when I started to become my own doctor. And so it began…  

Once upon a time I had my own raw vegan delivery company, managed, operated, and consulted for juice bars, restaurants & health food companies.

On my free time I love to learn, read, write, paint, dance, meditate, play with my dog Sunshine, have quality conversations, indulge in gratitude, nature walks, gently move my body, cook & create recipes, meet new people and a pure love to connecting & living with life! 

Learning, doing and helping others has always been my way to live life and spread goodness.  

From my mind, heart & soul to yours.



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