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There is no one-size fits all when it comes to health & nutrition. Skip the trail & error part of your wellness journey & zero in on the best approaches to a more balanced & feel good life. Learn your body's inner perspective when analyzing your biology to gain health insights, personalized food recommendations-formulated just for you! 
Foods that may be healthy for one person can have a different effect on another. Based on your test results we can determine what foods will help you most right now & what foods could be contributing to poorer health or symptoms you may be experiencing.

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Nutrition Coach

Gain the tools to improve your own care & well-being! Many are suffering from health related conditions & many are healthy, but one or more habits could ultimately undermine our health & result in a chronic disorder. It is my job to give you the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to participate fully in your own life care & well-being. Let's find what works for your body! 


Nutrition Testing

At-home testing options for anyone interested in a comprehensive look at your body’s gut health, cellular health & flexibility, fatty acid balance, immune protection value, mental strength, & even a list of foods to enjoy or avoid based on your gut microbiome. We can then go over your personalized test results to make small nutritional changes to protect cells from rusting (oxidation), adjust your body’s fatty acid balance, support normal brain function, heart function, immune system, and more!

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Healthy Cooking, Classes & Recipes

We have to eat to live. The importance to help manage our health through the foods we consume may be more challenging for some than others. Preparing healthy meals and snacks in the solace of your own home can support your health & lifestyle in many ways like reducing risk of health related diseases and nourishing our immune system, which can aid in better sleep, more energy, and overall feeling better. Cooking or prepping food is even healthy for our minds, as the act of cooking exercises patience, mindfulness & also an outlet for creative expression. Foods that may be healthy for one person can have a different effect on another and we will work through and around your food sensitivities & needs. 
Let’s cook together! 

Outdoor Yoga

Yoga, Mindful Movement, & Pre/Postnatal Fitness

The mind’s first step to awareness is through the body. Build the natural connection with yourself. Gain an intuitive embodied relationship with your inner Self, mind & breath.

Yoga is of the mind, it is not just physical, but a useful mental and spiritual tool. Our movement is how we carry on in relation to the world around us and ourselves. The breath is our support and a fundamental element to bridge it all together. I believe in the power of quality movement and breath, prioritizing safety and effectiveness in a calming and comforting environment, ensuring you feel supported and empowered. Whether working with mothers, athletes, seniors, or those recovering from injuries, my keen eye for body alignment and mechanics ensures personalized guidance.

Let’s embody flow to your bodies needs. 

Woman in Lotus Pose

Yin Yoga, Somatic Therapy & Pre/Postnatal Fitness

Our bodies can act like a storage unit, holding on to trauma, experiences, ideals, and stressors that we may not even be aware of. For example, our hips love to hold on to past & building sadness or trauma and until it’s released we walk around carrying more unnecessary energy. 
Yin Yoga is a natural way to rid these burdens through gentle shapes, focused breath, and a whole lot of opening in the body & mind. The result is time-released relaxation, internal rejuvenation & nourishment. 
Somatic Therapy incorporates the body, mind and spirit into therapeutic healing work  & can piggy back well with Yin Yoga as the body opens and emotions get released, we can then focus on the underlying physical sensations as a felt experience. Whether you're a parent,
athlete, senior, or recovering, I will prioritize your safety and effectiveness in a calming and comforting environment.
Let’s yin & chill, it’s time to free up space :)

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